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Haslemere Family Photographer: Tips & Tricks

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First things first, if you are a parent who would like to take some cracking portraits, the biggest tip I would say is to come out of parent mode. For 15 minutes, nothing is off limits, let them go crazy.

{The "it's so unfair!" moments}

If they throw a tantrum, capture it! Just imagine how embarrassed your son or daughter are going to be on their wedding day when you crack out a projector with a wall sized image of them in the midst of a huge, feet stomping, vein busting tantrum. Capturing memories doesn't always mean the beaming, angelic side; emotional portraits can envoke just as strong a memory.



I got this idea from an amazing childrens portrait photographer, Sandra Jolly, who regularly admits to bribing her kids with smarties. I gave it a try when I wanted my friends toddler to try out a new chair prop to see how it looks. I said if she could sit in 'Ava's' chair, I would give her two crisps (I didn't have smarties in the house). This works particularly well if there is something going on that's interesting behind you - maybe ask your partner or a sibling to do some bad dancing, or pull funny faces.

The only downside to this was that Ava then kept sitting on the chair and requesting I 'open cupboard'.

For older kids, sometimes reverse bribery works; a recent shoot with a particularly camera shy boy resulted in the the following bribe at the end of the shoot "if you pop your head on Dad's shoulder, I'll leave straight away, otherwise I may have to stay for AGES", guess what, the shot happened ;)


{Get on Down}

Changing your perspective can really make a dramatic change to your images. Honestly, give it a try in your back garden - bribe *ahem* ask your child to pose for your artistic experiment, take a picture from normal standing, then give it a try crouching down, or standing on a step with them below you. Same goes for your subject, get them to lie down or get them to stand on a step & jump off.

This is great too for getting rid of cluttered backgrounds. Kids love to go to the playground, but they don't make for particularly interesting shots. Try crouching down and shooting up to the sky when they are on the swings, keep out of the way of their feet though!


{Props and Distractions}

Give them something to focus on other than the camera. Bubbles seem to work for a huge age range. Get them next to a window reading their favourite magazine, outside riding their bike, interacting with their pet or favourite toy.


{Have fun!}

Most of all, enjoy it! Get them to play tag or hide & seek with their sibling, or dad. Ask them to run AS FAST AS THEY CAN towards the camera, and then say it wasn't fast enough so they have to try again. Ask them goofy questions to get a genuine giggle, give them goofy answers to any questions they have.


I really hope this has helped a little, it would be great to hear feedback and see your results.

(c) {Sussex & Surrey Family & Children's Portrait Photographer}



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