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Haslemere Photographer: 2013 the Best Bits

December 30, 2013  •  1 Comment

I'm not even sure where to start! I haven't done a 'year in review' (that sounds boring), or a 'best bits' (sounds better) before! I won't bombard you with a tonne of my favourite images from the year - just my stand out moments with images alongside.

Maybe I should start with my biggest (and scariest) change this year? Yes, okay, I'll start there.

{A New Beginning}

I have had my photography name & a website for a couple of years, but this year is the first time I have really started running a business. Until this year I had also been working part time. This meant that I had a regular income while doing what I loved, great! I thought it was, until my part time job ended and I decided to grab the bull by the horns and become a full time photographer. This is when it hit me that I hadn't really been running a business. I had been getting a nice little trickle of jobs that were mostly word of mouth.

This is also when I found out running a business, and getting new clients through the door is really hard. I spent a long time researching SEO, marketing, social networking and starting to put my findings into action. But this stuff had to be done constantly, and consistently. No-one ever told me that!

I saw an amusing pie chart about how much of a photography business is actually taking photographs, and that piece of the pie is tiny. It was a huge learning curve, but do you know what, it's already starting to pay off. I have met some really great people via Twitter & Facebook, both as new clients and as new friends. So that's pretty cool. I'm still learning, and still putting things into practice, both in my photography & in pushing the business forward, but I'm also enjoying both aspects.

{Meeting An Idol}

The second biggest thing for me was huge both for my personal growth & confidence. I met, and trained with, someone who is basically my photography idol. I flew to Philladelphia to do Cliff Mautner's Boot Camp.  Without light, there is no photography, and Cliff is the master of light.

It was intensive, it was hard core learning (we were being taught from 9am to 9pm) and it changed the way I look at light. The quality of light, the quantity of light, making light work for me. Something must have clicked because countless people have said that they have seen a change in my images since.

And you know the greatest thing? Cliff Mautner is a superstar. A real nice, down to earth, open book of a guy. Thank goodness my idol bubble hadn't burst! If all this hadn't made my trip pretty incredible, I also met some uber talented photographers who I adored. They made me feel welcome (especially as I missed my husband and hounds), and were just generally bloody nice people.

I don't use the term lightly, but this was definitely a life changing trip.


{A Family Affair}

I think my lovely Brides & Grooms will understand completely when I say there was one wedding this year that, for me, was the most emotional, personal and perfect day. My gorgeous little sister got married. There is a lot of back story, which can be found here, but to say it was emotional would be a understatement. :


{365 - An Image A Day}

This has been so much fun! I tried to do an image a day a couple of years ago, I think I got to February before I failed. For some reason, this year, this try, hasn't felt like a chore....(Oh, bugger, I have just realised I haven't done today's image, better get my thinking cap on). I have learned so much about my my style, my technical abilities have grown, I have learned how much people love my dog images (I have even set up a Whippet Snippets page which has a growing fanbase) and although there have been a total of four days where I haven't been able to take an image, I have loved it! I think I can count on one hand the images I wasn't particularly happy with, and over a year, I think that's pretty good going.


{A new family member}

This year was also exciting because our four became five. We don't have children yet, but if you are a follower of my work you will know how much we adore our hounds. Boo came to us and has really completed our furry family. She is a tomboy, an absolute steam train, she makes me giggle constantly, it so nice to have another girl in the family!

Well I hope you enjoyed that round up. Thanks for sticking with it (if you are reading this, you have got to the end, well done!)






Oh Kerry, what beautiful images and what a great piece. I too am at the helm of a fledgling business as you may know and it's such a comfort to hear others going through the same things. I have so many ideas about how I would like to take my business forward but I still work as a mystery shopper and await the day I am in a position to set myself free!! Your wedding photo's are beautiful especially where the couple are sharing a moment as they walk and the intimate one of the groom kissing the neck of his bride, subtly seductive or what!! Your hound images are stunning and I would love a couple of outdoor images for my website and will definitely be in touch........good luck.
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