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Beautiful Vintage Staffordshire Wedding - Gemma & Nick

September 27, 2013  •  2 Comments

Just a little history to go along with this sneak peek. Last week I photographed an incredibly beautiful wedding of Gemma & Nick at The Ashes Country House in Staffordshire. Obviously Staffordshire is a little way out of my usual wedding area, but this was no ordinary wedding.

The gorgeous bride is in fact my little sister. That in itself isn't particularly unusual, what made it extra special was until 4 years ago, I had lost contact with my brothers, sister & Mum for 15 years. Without going into too much detail, my teenage years were tough. It was never the intention to be out of touch for so long, when I did try to find them, it seemed impossible. I didn't know this, but my Mum had got remarried they had all changed their names.

One day by chance, I noticed a name that I recognised in the paper; it was one of Mum's old friends who worked for the RSPCA. I knew they had always been great friends, so I called him on the off-chance that he may know where they were. Unfortunately he hadn't heard from them.

A few more years passed, and my Dad passed away from Cancer without knowing if my brothers and sister were happy, or what they had grown up to be. I was now desperate to find them. I contacted Mum's old friend again, and time almost stood still when he confirmed that he had been in touch with her. I asked him to pass on my details and the next 24 hours was a tense blur. And then the phonecall came. I vividly remember being at my job in the city when the call from my Mum came through. What do you say after 15 years? After a shaky start, the tears flowed, we had a lot of catching up to do.

Fast forward a few months and I got married to my Husband with my family in attendance, something I never imagined possible.

So to bring us to the present, the wedding was held in the gorgeous location of The Ashes in Staffordshire, surrounded by rolling hills, and the details of the day were just stunning. Being able to shoot the wedding of my little sister meant the absolute world to me. Gemma, if I haven't said this already; you are one of the most beautiful, strong, kind women I have ever had the pleasure to know, and it amazes me constantly that you, Matt, Edward and Mum are back in my life. Watching you walk down the isle on the arm of your twin brother is quite possibly one of the proudest moments in my life. Nick; you are incredible, the love that you have for my sister is so visable and true - it's such a joy to see.

I love you both, these are just a small selection of my personal favourites - I can't wait to share the rest of the images with you.



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Mum's first look


Ahhh Kerry, your write up brought tears to my eyes. I love a happy ending! xxx
Arrrrr what a wonderful blog, lovely, lovely photos - the one of Nick in tears at the altar, what can I say? had me in tears too. It was a wonderful day and it was such an honour to have been invited.
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